Indonesia Java International DestinationEve is cool,calm atmosphere; Malang does look simple to Indonesia Java International Destination.But who would have thought that so much wealth stored in it?Let's explore a few of the many interesting things in this city.Having set foot in the city of Malang,take a few moments to recognize closer and feel the pulse of this city life.To start your vacation,there are several locations in the city that could be walked around it.One of them is the Alun-Alun Malang.The form of a beautiful garden it is completed with a shady banyan tree in one corner.During the day,the plaza is located on Jl.This independent,became a favorite place for citizens of Malang just relax and Indonesia as well as Java International Destination.There were several chairs neatly arranged gardens,fountains and equipped dozens of pigeons birds flying around the Square.Not far from this place,you can find the Cathedral which has become one of the cultural conservation. In this area there are also Dutch heritage buildings,the City Hall building as a supporter of Java Indonesia International Destination.

In addition to Stone,Poncokusumo area at the foot of Semeru is also known as the center of apples in eastern Indonesia Malang for Java International Destination. Although not yet a major tourist destination,but Apple Manalagi produced in this region,it was sweet and crunchy. The village has the acres of apple orchard and almost every day there's always the farmers who harvest the apples.The apple farmers here,too,does not mind if you want to see the process of harvesting apples,including the purchase of fresh apples just picked from the tree.

Nature tourism is one of the attractions offered by Malang.Geographical position in the highlands,allowing Malang has so much natural charm.One of them is Coban Rondo waterfall that flows from the foot of Gunung Kawi.Hundreds of tourists who visit here every year to see Coban (waterfall) are located at an altitude of 1135 mdpl with 84 meters height.This is very interesting for the International Destination for Indonesia Besides seeing the waterfall,there are many other activities.For example edu-holiday programs,such as Cite Roses and Organic Vegetables,Student Camp,Rising Elephant,Outbond for Kids and Family Gathering or Camp.If you're more interested in adventurous activities,try to follow Jungle Trekking,Days of Adventure with camping in the wild for 1-2 nights.Or follow the Wet Trekking and Tasung (Mountain Watershed Search) by using the boat.Action shooting with a paintball and outbound training activities are also here to Indonesia Java International Destination.

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